A retrospective of 2016

It’s the end of 2016 and I thought I would do an artist’s retrospective. It will help me to see where I’ve been and maybe help me move forward in 2017. This has been a great year for me in terms of art. I have been to some amazing places and made some eye opening (for me) art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it. I would love to hear what you think of the work. Also, feel free to share your link in the comments.

I went to Cuba in early March. It was a humbling experience where I learned a little about resilience, patience, and the importance of moving forward. I took tons of photos, some I still haven’t worked yet. I also started the map collages with some of my photos from this trip. It has proven to be a great way for me to express my love of history and travel together.


In April I started really working on the maps. They started out simple. But have become more complex over time. Look for more of these in 2017.


June brought some still life work.


July brought me to Photoshop World in Las Vegas. This was definitely a game changer for me. It opened up a world of ideas, inspirations, and possibilities. The problem, of course, is holding on to my self confidence and optimism. I created a composite to enter into the Photoshop Guru contest. I did not place or win. But I have a goal now.


©Sharon Popek

Moon Goddess



August brought poetry combined with photos. A very personal way to express myself and put myself out there. The first one was the Heart of Decay.


September took me to Richmond, VA for a work trip. I was there for 2 weeks for work, taking photos of dogs and cats playing with toys. That in itself was awesome. But I got to see some cool things while there and well, trains. In case you did not know, I love trains. I fell in love with the place, especially the small town of Ashland.

October brought the KelbyOne Worldwide Photowalk. I took some cool reflections around downtown Knoxville.

November found me working on more maps and an attempt to branch out of the 2 dimensional space into something new. I have finally been successful and worked out a way to work on these without too much animal interference. I can’t show pics yet, but look for something soon.

December brought some old summer photos to new life and more train photos.


That brings me to end of the year. I hope you enjoy this quick recap (maybe not as brief as it should have been) of my year in art. You can see a full gallery as well as purchase prints at www.sharonpopek.com. Hope you have a great New Year!






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